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No Words Can Tell



I met these guy …

out of nowhere,,, 

Felt like my old friend…
                             and love at my passed..
heart  But, too late for me,.
    and for him also,,,
               He has love of  his own now..
                      and me,,, done on my first lad
         I wish i could carry…
         the love in my heart,,,
        trying to hide…
                 but ’till when it will last??
           Now,, my heart is shouting..
  what really inside,,
                  And i dont know,,
                    if i still had a face
                               and not to react…
                              But honestly… I shouted
                                   what my heart to tell..
                                  and my souls could bring..
                                    another heartache of my life!!!
“Hehe…dont have any topic on my mind to post.. Its Good Friday today.. Soul searching on my side “

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Is it really holy???????

cross1Now,, it’s

Preparation for the death of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
I’m just wondering how people celebrate these day.

Going for an outing??? Celebrate it to the beach??  Travel??? 

What’s the essence of it??

Why do we call it Holy Week??

I’m not against those people who are doing such things. I just want

to remind them, the true meaning of Holy Week. It  happens only for 7 days in a year.  And it differs to an ordinary “SUNDAY”.

 We should do it in the right way.

Yes, we are now in the modern world. But, it doesn’t mean that we have to do it the way we want it to be and ignoring the right things we should remembered.

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